All of the luxurious triple butter soaps are made in small batches, using top quality base oils, pure essential oils and pthalate-free fragrance oils. Handmade soaps retain all that skin conditioning glycerin that is stripped from the commercial brands, so skin stays soft and moisturized. All soaps are free of preservatives, parabens and petroleum products as well as certified sustainable palm oil. They are cured for 4-6 weeks to produce a very mild, but hard bar weighing 4.5-5.5oz that lathers beautifully in the shower. As with any handmade product, each bar is completely unique and may vary slightly in color, weight and design.


This is a light blend of lemongrass, spearmint and lavender infused with local Vermont  IPA. Beer soaps lather up great in the shower and hops help to soften skin. As the alcohol is boiled off you are left with a light refreshing scent of essential oils.

Snipe Ireland Soap - Hiking the Long Trail


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